The groundbreaking new drug brings the most important breakthrough to ladies with ovarian most cancers in a long time


If advances in fighting the common form of ovarian cancer make their biggest breakthrough in three decades, thousands of women will have access to a groundbreaking new drug.

Nirapab, which treats patients by preventing cancer cells from repairing themselves, will be available through the NHS to all women newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women. According to data, around 50 percent of women with the disease live at least five years after diagnosis, while around one in three lives at least ten years.

Eleven women lose their lives every day due to the disease. Two thirds will be diagnosed once the cancer has spread. This makes treatment difficult and increases the likelihood of return.

Annwen Jones OBE, Chief Executive Officer, Target Ovarian Cancer, said, “Today’s announcement marks a major milestone in the fight against ovarian cancer and brings hope during a pandemic where we have serious concerns about how many women are being diagnosed late.

“It is the first time that thousands of women have benefited from this innovative drug from the start of treatment. We haven’t had as many breakthrough drugs at our disposal since the chemotherapy drug paclitaxel – Taxol – was introduced in the 1990s. “

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